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Please Read Instructions

1) You will need to know the parcel number of the property you’re searching for. You can find the parcel number on the Notification of Board Action, or you can go to and type in the property’s address in the search tool.

2) Once you type in your parcel number and click search, your parcel’s “Historical Form” will appear. The Historical Form contains the following information:

3) To find the documentation associated with the parcel’s property valuation protest, click on the following links:

If you are unable to retrieve the records you are looking for, or experience any issues with the above link, please contact (402) 444-6762 for assistance.


Fees For Copies

Electronic copies of documentation associated with a protest are free of charge. However, the Clerk can provide paper copies of protest documentation for a fee:

• Notification of Board Actions:

$0.25 each

• Referee Notes (aka Historical Form):

$1.00 each

• Residential Protest Files:

$5.00 each ($0.50/page if less than 10 pages total)

• Commercial Protest Files:

$10.00 each ($0.50/page if less than 20 pages total)